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Rental Policies

Terms of the Agreement:

First payment due within seven days of receipt of this form. Balance due 30 days prior to commencement of the rental.

***Winter Stay: Please note the speed limit in Grand Marais is 10 MPH, and 35 MPH when approaching town limits. 


UNLAWFUL NOISE PROHIBITED: Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling, singing, or other loud noises (snowmobiles) on the public streets, between the hours of 11:00 o’clock P.M. and 7:00 o’clock A.M., or the making of any such noise at any time or place so as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort, or repose of persons in any dwellings, motel, hotel, hospital, or other types of residence, or in any office, school, church or court, or of any persons in the neighborhood or vicinity.

1. LSVR has the right to inspect the premises without prior notice at any time to enforce the terms of this agreement. Should the Guest violate any of the terms of this agreement, the rental period shall be terminated immediately. The Guest waive all rights to process if they fail to vacate the premises upon termination of the rental period. The guest shall vacate the premises at the expiration time and date of this agreement. LSVR = Lake Superior Vacation Rentals and Beach Park Motel, Landlord = property owners.

2. The Guest shall pay for any damage done to the premises over and above normal wear and tear.

3. No animals or pets of any kind will be brought onto the premises without permission.  


No animals are allowed at the following rentals: Aspen House, Bayhouse, Carter's Cottage, Firefly House, Fox Lodge, French Quarter, Grand View Cabin, Mariner's Cottage, Sage House, Superior Dreams and Westbay Bungalow. *Please note the pet-free locations are in place due to allergies of the owners and/or guests. Bringing your pet to the above rentals will result in an additional $500.00 cleaning fee plus State of Michigan fines. 


Pet-friendly rentals: Dogs must not be left outside in the yard unless owners are with them.  Dogs must be on a leash when outside per Burt Township ordinance.

4. The Guest shall not sublet the property.

5. The Guest shall have no more than rental occupancy reside or sleep on the premises. 

6. The Guest shall behave in a civilized manner and shall be good neighbors respecting the rights of the surrounding property owners. The Guest shall not create noise or disturbances likely to disturb or annoy the surrounding property owners. Creating a disturbance of the above nature shall be grounds for immediate termination of this agreement and tenants shall then immediately vacate the premises.  

7. There shall be no smoking or vaping inside the premises. Smoking and vaping are permitted outside the home away from open windows and doors.  An additional cleaning fee of $200.00 plus $50 per hour will be charged.

8. LSVR shall provide towels, linens, cups, knives, forks, spoons, dishes, and other items as commonly used by the Landlord’s family. Some toilet paper, hand soap, dish detergent, paper towel (1 roll) and trash bags are provided be LSVR, other consumables are to be purchased by the guest.

9. The Guests shall hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Landlord against any and all claims of personal injury or property damage or loss arising from the use of the premises regardless of the nature of the accident, injury, or loss. Guest expressly recognize that any insurance for property damage or loss which the Landlord may maintain on the property does not cover the personal property of Guest should purchase their own insurance if such coverage is desired.

10. Guest  agree to pay all reasonable costs, attorney's fees, and expenses that shall be made or incurred by Landlord enforcing this agreement.

11. Guest expressly acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is for transient occupancy of the Property and that Guests do not intend to make the property a residence or household.

12. We occasionally experience outages that are beyond our control.  We report outages as each occurs.  No refunds or compensation will be given for any outages.

13. There shall be no refunds of rents due to shortened stays or ruined expectations because of weather conditions.

14. Guest cancellations must be made by notifying Lake Superior Vacation Rentals in writing (in email, mail, or text) and have a response from Lake Superior Vacation Rentals.  If it is necessary for Guest to cancel a reservation and the period can be re-rented, Guest will receive a refund from Lake Superior Vacation Rentals less a cancellation fee of 10% of the total rent.  If the canceled period cannot be re-rented, the entire amount collected shall be forfeited. If snow-grooming equipment is not in operation due to poor weather conditions a full refund will be given to the Guest. 

15. There shall be no refunds of rents because of shortened stays or ruined expectations due to work and family emergencies or other commitments. 

16. Only legally owned and permitted firearms shall be allowed on the premises according to State and local laws.

17. Guest shall use the property for legal purposes only and other use, such as but not limited to, illegal drug use, abuse of any person, harboring fugitives, etc.; shall cause termination of this agreement with no refund of rents or deposits.

18. Guest agrees not to access the “owner’s closet or space”, even if unlocked, which contains cleaning supplies and chemicals that could be hazardous to children and adults.

19. Guest is advised that the property contains a gas stove and cooktop, gas heating, gas grill, and other gas-powered items and will seek help from management if the proper operation of such items is not fully understood.

20. The property has fire alarms installed and they are believed to function properly at the time of rental. The Guest will notify management without delay if a fire alarm “chirps” or has a low battery condition.

21. G
uest shall see to their own security while in the property by locking doors, windows, garage doors, etc. when it’s prudent to do so.

22. Valuable items left behind by Guest will be held for the Guest and every reasonable effort will be made to contact the tenant for return. If items are not claimed for longer than 6 months they shall become the property of the Landlord. The Landlord shall not be held liable for the condition of said items.

23. Dish, CableTV, Jamadots Streaming, or Smart TV will be provided at most rentals. The service level has been chosen by the Landlord. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, or personal preferences with regard to TV service.

24. Guest agrees that Air heat shall not be set above 76 and that the fan setting shall be “Auto”. Doors and windows shall be closed when either heat is in operation. Winter rentals shall turn the heat to 60 when checking out. Please consider turning the heat down when leaving for your daily adventures!

Thank you,

Leslie Carlson

Lake Superior Vacation Rentals

E21795 Randolph Street
Grand Marais, MI 49839
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